Environment, safety, health & Quality

Acting in harmony with the environment

Our concern is the entire production cycle, from development through to production, shipping, further processing and disposal or recycling. In all areas of our business, we are committed to the protection of both man and the environment, which is why we are continually using our initiative to invest in responsible, safe and environmentally sound activities – above and beyond the legal requirements.

Optimum communication through the Environmental Management System

Evonik has integrated environmental protection into its operative units with clearly defined responsibilities. Within the framework of our Environmental Management System, which is based on the directives of the European Eco-Audit Regulation, production, sales and research are embedded in a communication network. Self-monitoring, external monitoring, compliance with the law, occupational safety, education and training, product line meetings and regular committee meetings are organized across all disciplinary functions and serve the continuous development of our high-reaching environmental goals.

ISO 14001 and EMAS

Our ISO 14001 certification and EMAS validation demonstrate our commitment to the environment and our ecological awareness. Not only have we been able to introduce processes that protect the environment at all our sites, but our efforts have allowed us to publish internationally valid environmental statements on a regular basis. We take our responsibility for health, safety and the protection of the environment very seriously.