Base metal refining services

In addition to refining, Evonik takes care of base metal purchasing and financing and associated services such as catalyst regeneration.

We are well aware of the implications of base metal prices on the overall economic viability of the catalytic process. Therefore, we can offer tailored solutions for integrated metal management and can help you select the cost optimization approach that’s right for you. The current portfolio of technical and commercial services includes:

  • Purchasing services and financing models
  • Tailored recipe design for raw material cost optimization
  • Catalyst regeneration and recycling services
  • Refining services for spent base metal catalysts

As in the case of precious metal services, Evonik collaborates with a worldwide network of raw material suppliers and metal refining companies. Raw materials are vital to all processes which is why we offer to coordinate all activities around an appropriate metal management program. Our services are no longer limited to precious metals.