Catalyst business models

We have built our business models around your needs in relation to catalyst solutions. There are basically two generic business models, the product and project business models.

Product business

We offer a specialized product portfolio of catalysts. These products are proprietary to Evonik, can be readily supplied and are regularly produced on a commercial scale. However, it is important for you to know that Evonik’s proprietary product and technology portfolio is broader and can also be accessed via the project business approach.

Project business

A project is always required if a product needs to be developed or has not been produced on a commercial scale at Evonik. There are four project categories: toll manufacturing, custom manufacturing, custom design and joint development. All projects are governed by legal contracts. A confidentiality agreement protects each party’s intellectual property rights and allows a free flow of information. The collaboration contract defines the scope and goals of the project and the commercial conditions. By definition, all projects run on an exclusive basis. These contracts are needed to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that your expectations are met.

Our core competencies

In all the business models, we leverage our core competencies. We are creative in finding new solutions and are open to ideas that are not obvious. We specialize in catalysts and in scaling up and producing sophisticated catalysts on a commercial scale. A robust and stable production process is crucial to all catalysts, and we know how to design this. The best catalyst in the laboratory is of no use if you cannot produce it in commercial quantities. We are reliable and deliver on our promises. Our professional project management with cross-functional teams makes the project flow smoothly. And we are never complacent about our achievements, but strive for constant self-renewal in our business processes for your benefit. Catalysts are at the very heart of catalytic chemical processes. This is why you need a trustworthy partner. This is why you need Evonik.