Standard sample kits

There are three sample kits for Noblyst® P which can be ordered directly from Evonik or through Strem Chemicals, Inc.

  • The Pharma kit - 12 catalysts
  • The Selective Hydrogenation kit - 6 catalysts
  • The Palladium kit - 6 catalysts

The Selective Hydrogenation kit contains one Ru catalyst, one Rh catalyst, three un-promoted and one Vanadium promoted Pt catalyst. The Palladium kit contains five 5% Pd and one 10% Pd catalysts. The Pharma kit is the combination of both kits.

Price and ordering information on the sample kit is available from the

Strem website
or the Strem catalogue.

Catalyst library

Evonik also offers a precious metal powder catalyst library which contains 30 Noblyst® P catalysts. This library is dedicated to pharma customers who need a large portfolio of catalysts in their R&D laboratories.

For price and order information please contact your

Evonik sales manager.