Project categories

A project is always required if a product needs to be developed or has not been produced on a commercial scale at Evonik. With some applications catalysts from our product portfolio will provide the reaction you are looking for. Please browse our Catalyst Guide for suitable candidates.

Joint development

Catalyst and process needs to be developed; close interaction between you and Evonik.

Custom design

Catalyst needs to be developed for existing commercial application.

Custom manufacturing

Catalyst lab recipe exists, but has not yet been produced commercially.

Toll manufacturing

Catalyst and manufacturing process is well defined.

All projects are governed by legal contracts. A confidentiality agreement protects each party’s intellectual property rights and allows a free flow of information. The collaboration contract defines the scope and goals of the project and the commercial conditions. By definition, all projects run on an exclusive basis. These contracts are needed to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that your expectations are met. As a result of a successful project the custom made catalyst developed will receive a Specialyst designation.

Please find further information in our General Brochure


Whichever model you choose all the products come embedded in service packages. Trained staff in every region of the world provides you with the highest levels of technical service. We also provide custom packaging, help you with the safe and correct handling of our products, and tailor our logistics to your specific needs.