Activated Alumina Dessicant


DRYOCEL® – Premium-grade and special desiccant, high uniformity and low attrition for dust free operation in air dryers.

Normal phase alumina and silica gel for use in liquid chromatography, batch extractions and decolorizations.

DRYOCEL® is a high quality activated alumina desiccant that provides reliable operation of the compressed air dryer and consistent compressed air system performance.

Dryocel offers high water-loading capacity, high crush strength and low attrition loss.  Low quality desiccants can physically deteriorate in service and result in high pressure drop across the compressed air dryer causing operational issues and increased costs for compressed air.

Once the desiccant has physically degraded, poor performance of the compressed air dryer will require the replacement of the activated alumina desiccant.

Markets it serves: All facilities that use compressed air systems.

Applications include: Essentially any manufacturing facility requires dry air for operating pneumatic devices (valves, switches, etc…), providing good quality air purge for instrument enclosures, or as a general utility.  Desiccant air dryers are a leading option. Many other process gases are also commonly dehydrated with activated alumina desiccant. These include nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, and carbon dioxide.

How to store and handle: Shelf life of 5 years as long as it is stored in it’s original containers/packaging in a dry, covered location protected from the ambient environment. Protect it from direct exposure to sunlight and rain, keep elevated from the ground to ensure that there is no exposure to liquid water. Do not expose to excessive temperatures (450° F, 230° F).

Customized Formulations

DRYOCEL® 848 – Premium grade activated alumina desiccant.

DRYOCEL® 850 – Specialty promoted activated alumina with high resistance to hydrothermal aging.


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