Catalysts Publications



Catylen® S 300  (pdf, 280 KB)

Customized supports for Ziegler and Ziegler-Natta catalysts


Evonik catalyst supplies oxygens to the astronauts on the ISS  (pdf, 703 KB)

A catalyst developed by Evonik and Airbus for the International Space Station (ISS) will be helping provide breathable air for manned space missions. ISS Commander Alexander Gerst installed the system.


From Corn to Vitamin C  (pdf, 132 KB)

In the hydrogenation of sugars to polyols, Evonik assists its customers from the chemical reaction, through process optimization, to recycling of the separated catalysts.


HPPO Technology from Evonik and thyssenkrupp  (pdf, 640 KB)

The HPPO process is an innovation success story: this clean technology for the production of propylene oxide (PO) from propylene and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) was jointly developed with thyssenkrupp – and involves a special catalyst from Evonik.


New Business Line Head Evonik Catalysts  (pdf, 92 KB)


Safe from start to finish  (pdf, 379 KB)

Evonik uses specially designed containers for overseas transport of Metalyst® activated metal catalysts based on nickel, cobalt or copper for maximum transport safety.


Selective where it counts  (pdf, 449 KB)

The Noblyst® brand precious metal fixed bed catalysts have been developed by Evonik over the last three decades as tailored catalysts for specific applications, such as the production of propylene or phenol.


Specialized, but broad based: Evonik's activated metal catalysts (AMC)  (pdf, 584 KB)

The activated metal catalysts (AMC) in Evonik’s expanding portfolio, sold under the brand names Metalyst® and KALCAT™, are suitable for a broad range of hydrogenation reactions.