Evonik Catalysts

Why custom catalysts?

A high-performance catalyst increases the profitability of your process technology, be it in specialty chemicals, petrochemicals or refining. Have you ever thought about outsourcing your company’s catalyst design or manufacturing requirements to a proven expert in sophisticated catalyst production? Look no further: Evonik offers you an outstanding way to jointly optimize the process efficiency and make it more flexible, thereby increasing your company’s profits. Together we can make a difference!

Our broad portfolio of customized catalyst services can help you create added value by addressing your specific needs. Together we can make a difference!

Watch the video to see how Evonik and your company can jointly tackle your individual challenges – from supporting production to developing custom catalysts.

How Evonik can help

Evonik can help you optimize your operational performance - for sustainable competitiveness!

Do you use standard catalysts that were developed decades ago? If so, chances are good that you are not realizing the full potential for your process technology. A tailored catalyst can help you remain or become a technology leader by maximizing your plant output, reducing by-products, and saving raw materials over many years of operations.


Evonik can increase your company’s profitability and manufacturing flexibility! Outsourcing some or all your company’s catalyst manufacturing needs to an expert in sophisticated catalyst production can be an outstanding way to increase profits and give you the flexibility to concentrate on your core operations. Evonik can create additional or tailored operations for your requirements based on our broad technical capabilities.


Evonik can provide your company with the following methods, resources and services
for refining and shaping the catalysts that you need:

  • Precipitation and hydrothermal treatment
  • Drying of powders and pellets; spray drying of slurries
  • Powder mixing / compacting / milling / dry blending
  • Forming: extrusion, tableting, granulation and ball forming
  • Length grading
  • Precious metal or base metal impregnation or coating of extrudates, spheres or powders; incipient wetness, uniform and thin shell impregnation
  • Calcination up to 1000 °C of powders and pellets in air, nitrogen and steam (stationary and continuous)
  • Reduction with hydrogen (up to 50 vol.% H₂ in nitrogen) and optional passivation (e.g. Ni-catalysts)
  • Regeneration (e.g., washing with water and acids, drying, removal of dust and VOC coke combustion)
  • Pilot-scale manufacturing facilities for testing and upscaling
  • Truck, rail, and overseas transport of bulk or packaged goods


Evonik can also help you in the scale-up and production of olefin polymerization catalysts:

  • Magnesium ethoxide for your support material needs in Ziegler-Natta catalyst development for ethylene and propylene polymerization applications
  • Spherical magnesium ethoxide with preformed and defined particle morphology as support precursor for Ziegler-Natta catalyst development for ethylene and propylene polymerization applications
  • Silica for your support material needs in metallocene catalyst development for ethylene and propylene polymerization applications
  • Capability to produce precipitated Ziegler-Natta catalyst starting from our own MgE or customer required MgR2 or MgCl2 for slurry UHMWPE and HDPE processes
  • Capability to produce supported metallocene catalyst using our own silica or other commercially available silica
  • Options to use MAO or borate as MCN catalyst activator


Evonik can work together with your company through the following custom catalyst business models:

  1. Joint Developments
    Best choice if a new catalyst is needed for a process still being developed. We work closely together to deliver your catalyst and process solution.
  2. Custom Design
    Best choice if you have an existing commercial process, but you haven't produced a catalyst yet. We have the means to develop your new catalyst based on our proprietary know-how and catalyst expertise.
  3. Custom Manufacturing
    Best choice if your catalyst exists but has not yet been produced on a commercial scale. We have the know-how to scale-up and produce your catalyst. Read more about toll processing & custom manufacturing.
  4. Toll Processing 
    Best choice if your catalyst manufacturing process has already been well defined and elaborated. We produce the catalyst according to your specifications.

Toll manufacturing at Evonik.

Scale-up processes

If you can answer "yes“ to one or more of the following questions, Evonik is the right place for you. 

  • Do you need a reliable partner to develop, scale up, and produce your customized catalyst?
  • Are you looking for more production flexibility, improved supply security, or a regional production alternative for your specific catalyst?
  • Do you need comprehensive expertise on catalysts and qualification or advice on process interactions?
  • Are you considering different customized delivery scenarios for a final commercial catalyst? 


Evonik has more than 80 years of experience and expertise in catalyst development, upscaling and manufacturing. By partnering with Evonik you will work closely with our highly skilled experts as part of a professional project management process. Together, we will develop a new high-quality process or modify an existing one to adapt it to changing feedstocks or market requirements, thus maintaining your company’s competitiveness.

Depending on the required expertise and available resources, we can support you at a wide range of development stages. We can tailor a catalyst for your existing processes through our custom design route or jointly develop a new catalyst and process conditions, if you are in the stage of setting up a new process, through our joint development projects. In both of these models, we utilize our experience and proprietary know-how in catalysts, unit operations, process engineering, and applications to your advantage. We are your partner of choice for a trustworthy, long-term collaboration that addresses your individual catalyst requirements and transforms your challenges into successes.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Access our extensive and knowledgeable teams for research and development, reaction engineering, and legal services
  • Make use of our global network of R&D labs, production sites, and test facilities
  • Choose between multiple carrier options from standard or tailored Evonik materials to commercial third party carriers
  • Save time by utilizing our broad skill set, permits, and analytical resources to enable a speedy project execution
  • Rely on competitive & predictable costs
  • Enjoy the highest standards in safety, development, upscaling, manufacturing, quality & project management, confidentiality, and compliance
  • Take advantage of our IP management and the possibility of an exclusive catalyst cooperation

If you are facing new challenges or cannot find what you are looking for in our comprehensive portfolio, please contact us. Our experts from Custom Catalysts are just a call away from helping you.

Evonik has a unique variety of services and capabilities to offer in custom manufacturing or toll processing business models making us the ideal partner for your contract manufacturing needs. We can scale-up your catalyst lab formulation into a procedure designed for a commercial catalyst plant and then produce the catalyst as per your specifications through our custom manufacturing projects. If you have already elaborated the commercial scale manufacturing process of your catalyst, we can transfer catalyst production to our site and produce the catalyst to your specification through our toll manufacturing projects.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fast production transfer and training times
  • No additional capital investment,  personnel, floor space, analytics or permits required for your plant site
  • Competitive and predictable costs
  • Spot or long-term contracts
  • Strong focus on protecting your IP

If you are facing new challenges or cannot find what you are looking for in our comprehensive portfolio, please contact us. Our experts from Custom Catalysts are just a call away from helping you.


If one of the models does not perfectly fit to your requirement, let's discuss and jointly find the solution! Contact us.