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Catalysts are as individual as the chemical processes for which they have been developed. As a leading provider of catalysts and technologies we offer solutions for the below mentioned markets. Thanks to our global presence we’re never far, wherever you are located. Together we will find the matching catalyst, process technology and service for your needs, striving for solutions with focus on performance and sustainability.

We speak your language and understand what you need: We speak “Catalyst”.

Life Sciences & Fine Chemicals

Life sciences and fine chemicals are helping to improve the quality and standard of living – with a variety of applications ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to dyes and electronics. High-quality catalysts, precisely tailored to their specific tasks, are key to efficient, economic and sustainable production processes for these demanding markets.

Catalysts play a critical role in production processes for the Life Sciences market, including applications such as feed and food, health care, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Catalysts are also crucial components in the manufacture of fine chemicals, which are applied in detergents, dyes, coatings and adhesives, electronics chemicals, flavors and fragrances, and many more. 

With the ability to fine-tune selectivity, activity and filterability with unparalleled precision, we are your partner to deliver catalysts that contribute tangibly to value creation. By enhancing both the efficiency and yields of your chemical processes, our catalysts help to produce a larger quantity of the desired product in a shorter period of time, making a difference in reducing energy and resource consumption.

Life Sciences products help to improve the quality and standard of living with applications including food and feed, pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals, cosmetics and care specialties. Evonik has become the preferred partner in delivering catalysts that contribute tangibly to value creation.

For decades, our catalysts have played a crucial role in manufacturing a wide range of fine and specialty chemicals. Applications include care chemicals, dyes, electronics, fragrances, plasticizers, and many more.

Petrochemicals: Base Chemicals, Intermediates, and Polyolefins

The range of catalysts and technologies for petrochemicals applications is extensive. And the drive to circular and renewable-based value chains continuously extends the boundaries of existing technologies. As a leading catalysts player, we provide solutions for a broad range of petrochemical processes including the production of propylene and butene, propylene oxide, polyolefins, phenol, amines, vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate monomers. Our portfolio covers ready-to-use catalysts, catalyst components, purification adsorbents, as well as custom design and manufacturing according to your specific requirements.

Improving the carbon footprint of petrochemical and downstream processes is at the heart of our catalyst development efforts. Many of our existing catalysts already support the lowest carbon footprint alternative for a specific application, proven by detailed lifecycle analyses. And we go beyond - by supporting you to optimize your processes and by developing catalysts for the next generation of circular value chains. We firmly believe that our catalysts and technology can make the difference.

Thanks to many years of experience in developing and scaling up catalysts we can also take your catalyst and process development to the next level. We efficiently scale up your lab recipe to full commercial production and ensure reliable supply globally. We offer drop-in solutions for many existing processes. We are your partner for complete catalyst and process development. And we offer toll manufacturing of your already commercial catalyst recipe. We are your reliable catalyst partner in all aspects.

With decades of experience working in the industry and close contact with process technology providers, we’ve become a reliable and expert partner when it comes to catalysts for hydrogenation and oxidation reactions in the production of building blocks for polymers.

Our extensive catalysis expertise has led to our comprehensive portfolio of high-performance catalysts based on precious metals or base metals to produce polyurethane (PU) precursors.

Together with our partners, we provide you with an end-to-end solution for green PO production at optimized lifecycle costs. We deliver continuous support after plant start-up to let you enjoy the benefits from the latest improvements in hydrogen peroxide and catalysts.

Solvents are usually organic liquids produced by synthetic routes that often require the use of a catalyst. Find out more about Evonik Catalysts for the production of solvents.

Polyolefins are a family of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) thermoplastics belonging to the top five groups of plastic materials produced globally. Find out more about Evonik Ziegler and Ziegler-Natta Catalysts.

Oil & Gas

According to Rystad Energy around 54,000 wells were drilled worldwide in 2021 for oil and gas recovery. To make this process more manageable, cost-efficient and safe, the petrochemical industry requires straightforward, readily available solutions for downhole drilling.


Alkoxides, such as sodium methylate in the form of a 30% solution in methanol (NM 30) and potassium methylate in the form of a 32% solution in methanol (KM 32), are used as catalysts in biodiesel production to convert vegetable oils or animal fats into fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). The alkoxide catalysts work by breaking the ester bonds in the triglyceride molecules and allowing the smaller FAME molecules to form. This process is known as transesterification and is a critical step in the production of biodiesel.

The use of alkoxides as catalysts allows for more efficient and environmentally friendly production of biodiesel compared to traditional methods using strong acids or bases. In addition, the use of alkoxides result in a higher yield of biodiesel and a more stable and higher quality end product.


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