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About Catalysts

We have been a leader in the catalyst and adsorbents industry for more than 75 years and remain at the forefront of the catalyst chemistry. This is thanks to our ‘complete package’ approach which involves innovative and sustainable chemical catalyst products, full-loop management of catalyst regeneration, handling and safety, precious metal management and expert customer support from our catalyst scientists.

Catalytic processes are a component of almost all chemical products

With more than 80 percent of all chemical products manufactured using catalytic processes, the power of catalysis has made catalysts the number one value generator in the chemical industry.

We know that catalysts are at the very heart of your running processes. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable partner in the field of catalysis, then look no further. Together we will find the best solution to suit your catalyst needs.

Your reliable partner in the catalyst business

As independent catalyst and adsorbents manufacturers and experts, we are your long-term, solution-oriented, trustworthy partner, for off-the-shelf products or joint development projects in catalysis and adsorbent production.

The complete catalyst package

We offer the complete catalyst solution: from products to technology to services; from the production of fresh materials to refining and rejuvenating spent catalysts; and from development, to scale-up, to commercial-scale production.

Better customer focus through regional proximity

We think globally and act locally. Working with Evonik means you have direct access to our regional technical and commercial organizations. Our experienced experts strive to respond quickly with high-quality tailored solutions for your specific topic.

Combination of commercial success with environmental responsibility

We are a purpose-driven, sustainable, and innovative business, transforming catalyst particularities into value drivers for the benefit of our customers and the environment. Our expertise in the catalyst business helps you significantly reduce energy and resource consumption by improving your current processes or developing new catalyst solutions from scratch.

Our Global Presence

Our catalyst business is globally present with locations in close proximity to our customers.
We produce and provide cutting edge catalyst products and adsorbents all over the world. Locations are in close proximity to our customers.

Whatever stage you are at in your production or development process, and wherever you are in the world, we speak your language: ‘Catalyst’.

Custom Catalysts

Have you ever thought of outsourcing your company’s catalyst design or manufacturing needs to an expert in sophisticated catalyst production? Then look no further because Evonik offers an outstanding way to jointly optimize efficiency.


As a leading provider of catalysts and catalyst technologies we offer solutions for diverse markets. Together we will find the matching catalyst, process technology and service for your needs, striving for solutions with focus on performance and sustainability. 


With our catalysts product finder you can browse selected products of our catalyst portfolio and filter for applications or reaction types. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us directly.

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