handling of alkoxides


Alkoxide Powders and Solutions

In this section we sum up some important advice when handling our alkoxides.

Alkoxide Powders

  • Handle powders under an inert gas (e.g., argon, nitrogen); avoid dust formation and prevent buildup of static electricity.
  • Keep material away from ignition sources, and do not smoke.
  • Due to their hygroscopic caracter, alkoxide powders tend to react with atmospheric moisture. Therefore the products are protected against moisture by inner packaging in PE bags.
  • Once the package (or inner package) has been opened, the entire content should be used immediately.
  • Alkoxide powders belong to dust explosion class ST1 (VDI 2263). For handling of alkoxide powders, it has proved advantageous to use siphoning devices that withdraw the product from the packaging by means of a lance. Ystral is a company that manufactures proven and tested machines for dust-free suction, wetting, and dispersion of powders in liquids.

Alkoxide Solutions

  • Open and handle containers with care.
  • Provide good ventilation or extraction.
  • Keep material away from ignition sources, and do not smoke.
  • Prevent buildup of static electricity.
  • Protect from moisture and blanket with an inert gas (e.g., nitrogen).
  • Use up content of opened packages immediately.
  • The products tend to crystallize at lower temperatures. Crystals can be redissolved by warming while stirring (keeping the flash point in mind).