CALOSTAT® – mineral insulation for a new generation.

Getting warmer with an innovative idea.

With CALOSTAT®, a newly developed high-performance heat insulating panel based on silicon dioxide, the Business Line Silica is providing the construction industry with an attractive alternative to conventional insulation materials. It promises not only sustainability but a number of environmental and economic advantages.

Today’s buildings are developing into complex high-tech systems. Nevertheless, they still account for roughly 30 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions and over 40 percent of energy consumption worldwide. This is why energy efficiency is just as important as the durability and recyclability of products and systems. The use of high-performance insulation materials is recommended for meeting the guidelines of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). And now, the construction industry has an attractive alternative that promises even more applications and economic advantages compared to conventional insulation materials. CALOSTAT® is an insulation material specially developed for the construction sector. The permeable, non-flammable and self-supporting panel consists primarily of silicon dioxide, a purely mineral raw material.

CALOSTAT® is recommended for a broad range of applications inside and outside the building envelope, such as interior insulation, cavity insulation for load-bearing walls (veneered, prefabricated composites) and even for the thermal insulation of various facade systems for residential, industrial, office and administrative buildings.