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January 17, 2024

Evonik announces Dr. Max Preisenberger as new head of Catalysts business line

Evonik has appointed Dr. Max Preisenberger as the new head of the Catalysts business line.

  • New leader takes over from retiring head, Sanjeev Taneja
  • Dr. Preisenberger brings with him more than 20 years’ experience within Evonik
  • Focus is on delivering growth strategy

Hanau, Germany. Evonik has appointed Dr. Max Preisenberger as the new head of the Catalysts business line. Dr. Preisenberger, who was previously responsible for Finance and Strategy in the Specialty Additives division, takes over from Sanjeev Taneja, who has retired.

Evonik is a global leader in the catalyst and adsorbents industry, producing innovative and sustainable catalyst products for the chemical industry worldwide. In order to be close to its customers, Evonik has production sites on four continents and seven R&D centers worldwide.

In his new position overseeing Evonik’s catalysts and adsorbents business line, Dr. Preisenberger will be responsible for driving growth-focused strategy and global business development.

With a dual background in chemistry and economics, Dr. Preisenberger has an excellent track record and brings a wealth of experience to the position, with two decades spent working across the Evonik Group, including assignments in all three growth divisions: Smart Materials, Nutrition & Care and Specialty Additives.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Preisenberger said: “It’s an honor to be appointed as head of the Catalysts business line with its impressive global footprint and strong portfolio – and I look forward to building on Sanjeev’s strong legacy. We are leaders within the industry, and my aim is to continue this journey and deliver on our ambitious growth agenda throughout 2024 and beyond. With 80% of chemical products manufactured using catalytic processes, catalysts are an important value generator within the industry – and our outlook of ‘think global, act local’ provides us solid footing for this path.”

Examples of this include the new Alkoxides plant in Singapore, which will provide additional capacity for the Asian region by the end of 2024, and Evonik’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) efforts to help the aviation industry become CO2 neutral.

Dr. Preisenberger was awarded a doctorate in Chemistry from the Technical University of Munich and completed an additional university degree in economics.

His professional career at Evonik began in 2000. He went on to hold several positions within Marketing, Controlling and Research & Development and Applied Technology, working in Germany, France and the US.

Dr. Preisenberger is married with four children and enjoys performing classical music and visiting the opera in his spare time.

Company information

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world and generated sales of €18.5 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of €2.49 billion in 2022. Evonik goes far beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for customers. About 34,000 employees work together for a common purpose: We want to improve life today and tomorrow.

About Smart Materials

The Smart Materials division includes businesses with innovative materials that enable resource-saving solutions and replace conventional materials. They are the smart answer to the major challenges of our time: environment, energy efficiency, urbanization, mobility and health. The Smart Materials division generated sales of €4.83 billion in 2022 with about 7,900 employees. 

About Hydrogenious

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies provides the missing link for flexible hydrogen supply chains worldwide. Based on its proven Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology, the market pioneer founded in 2013 enables the storage and transport of hydrogen in a particularly safe, simple and efficient way - at high storage densities, under ambient conditions and in conventional liquid fuel infrastructure. The portfolio of the Erlangen-based scale-up and its international joint venture and subsidiary companies today comprises stationary and mobile (on-board) LOHC-based applications, including turnkey (de)hydrogenation plants, operation & maintenance and LOHC logistics.


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