According to Rystad Energy around 54,000 wells were drilled worldwide in 2021 for oil and gas recovery. To make this process more manageable, cost-efficient and safe, the petrochemical industry requires straightforward, readily available solutions for downhole drilling. There is a particular need to modify the viscosity of the mud and liquids that come up from the ground when drilling takes place. This can involve controlling the speed of surfacing and the run-off.

Drilling fluid/mud is a complex fluid made up of several components. 

The type and amount of additive required depends on the type of borehole being drilled, the method employed, and the condition of the hole. 

Metal Oxide additives play an important role as viscosity modifiers in mud rheology during drilling, especially in the oil and gas industries. 

Several factors, including temperature, downhole pressure and the mud’s constituent materials affect the behavior of the mud. 

Additives, such as Evonik’s AP-22, are used to control the mud in downhole drilling, as well as managing the volume and speed of the mud that comes back up.

Evonik produces AP-22 in large quantities meaning reliable supply and cost-efficient purchasing options. 


During drilling the oil and gas industries are faced with challenges involving fluid loss and the need to 
formulate fluids with rheological properties required to withstand increasing temperature and pressure conditions. 

AP-22 is a rehydratable activated alumina, which offers increased control by modifying the viscosity of the mud, or other liquids present, to a manageable and consistent level. 

Activated alumina is obtained from a variety of feedstocks and undergoes a series of chemical reactions which depend on its intended use. 

Due to its numerous characteristics, including stability and high resistance to extreme temperatures, it is used for a wide range of applications. 

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Managing downhole drilling more effectively will help to keep operating costs down.
  • A dependable bulk producer and reliable availability help to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Activated alumina from Evonik will help to receive a consistent high-quality product.
  • AP-22 (Activated alumina) is a non-hazardous material.