A petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant where crude oil is transformed and refined into valuable products such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, kerosene, jet fuel etc. Collaboration between Evonik and refiners enables them to maximize profitability and remain environmentally conscious with their hydroprocessing applications.

Now, Evonik can better serve the refiners with catalyst solutions and purification adsorbents, such as:


  • Regeneration of hydroprocessing and petrochemical catalysts
  • Excel® rejuvenation of hydrotreating catalysts to restore catalytic activity to near fresh level
  • actiCAT® Presulfurization of hydroprocessing catalysts to make easier and faster start-ups
  • Density Grading to maximize the yield of reusable CCR Pt-based catalysts
  • Claus and Tail Gas catalysts (Maxcel® series) for sulfur recovery units
  • Bed support (Durocel® series)
  • Propylene Recovery Units (Dynocel® series)
  • Purification adsorbents (Chlorocel®, Dryocel® & Fluorocel® series)
  • Technical support


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Re-refining of used lube oil is an economically attractive recycling process in terms of resource conservation and environment protection. It allows transforming processing of hazardous material in a safe and effective way to recover a high-quality oil product. Now, Evonik can better serve re-refining industries to produce different base oil groups with services, technologies and adsorbents, such as:


  • Hydrofinishing process with hydroprocessing solutions (regenerated, Excel® rejuvenated and actiCAT® presulfurized catalysts)
  • Activated bauxite (Purocel®)
  • Rocket technology polishing system
  • Bed support (Durocel® series)


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