catalysts for solvents


The term 'solvent' is applied to many substances used to dissolve or dilute other substances and materials. With a broad range of applications, from process aids, chemical intermediates, and fuels to components, solvents produce a wide range of products, such as paints, coatings and crop protection agents. Solvents are usually organic liquids produced by synthetic routes that often require the use of a catalyst.

Make more out of less! When it comes to commercial-scale production for solvents, bulk or precipitated nickel catalysts are often used. Based on our in-depth expertise, we have developed catalysts that contain up to a third less nickel over other market-based products, with activity being the same or higher, generating a positive effect on the hydrogenation steps when producing 1,4-butanediol via Reppe synthesis. Our high-performance fixed bed copper and nickel foam catalysts can be an alternative to your incumbent catalyst types when producing oxo alcohols.

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catalysts for the Reppe-based butanediol (BDO) synthesis

1,4-butanediol (BDO) is an essential intermediate and solvent in the chemical industry. Almost half of global BDO production is dehydrated to the solvent tetrahydrofuran (THF), a crucial intermediate for elastomeric polyurethane fibers and an industrial solvent for polyvinyl chloride (PVC). BDO is also a common synthetic building block for polyether polyols, and it is used in the synthesis of busulfan, a chemotherapy drug.

We offer several catalysts for the Reppe-based BDO synthesis. Our activated base metal powder catalysts (Metalyst® MC1**, MC8**) are well suited for low-pressure hydrogenations. Additionally, we have developed a new generation of lightweight fixed bed catalysts (Raney-type nickel foam catalysts, Metalyst® MC9** series) for the continuous high-pressure hydrogenation.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • For fixed-bed processes, the Metalyst® MC 9** series provides a unique foam shape showing very high activity, lightweight and mechanical strength combined with a significantly lower pressure drop over the catalyst bed.
  • For slurry processes, Metalyst® MC 8** is ready to use, no pretreatment (Mo-doping) required.
  • Ready to use, no in-situ activation required.
  • High-performance catalysts provide optimized performance per price value combined with easy handling.
  • Additionally, we offer custom manufactured or tailored-designed catalysts to fit your needs.



Oxo alcohols are used as solvents or are reacted with phthalic anhydride to form phthalates, which are widely consumed as plasticizers in many household and industrial applications. Since there are strict regulations using phthalates in applications like food contact materials, medical products and consumer goods, the demand for hydrogenated and aliphatic ester-derived aliphatic alternatives, often based on oxo alcohols, are growing.  Butanol is one of the key oxo alcohols used in organic synthesis, paintings, and textile processes. It is also regarded as a promising biofuel for sustainable transportation.

The Raney-type  Metalyst® MC 9** series (Molybdenum doped) is our innovative catalyst solution for hydrogenation in fixed beds. These activated nickel catalysts come in a unique foam shape that offers very high activity – due to its open structure – and lightweight (low bulk density) at remarkable mechanical strength, combined with high selectivity as a further benefit. They can be applied as hydrogenation catalysts for the reaction of 2-ethyl-hexanal to 2-ethyl-hexanol or butyraldehyde to butanol, to name only a few.

With our extensive process know-how, we can support you with either a custom-designed solution or toll manufacturing all around the world.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Metalyst® MC 9** with its unique foam shape showing very high activity, lightweight, and mechanical strength combined with a significantly lower pressure drop over the catalyst bed.
  • High-performance catalysts provide optimized performance per price, combined with easy handling.
  • Furthermore, we offer custom-manufactured or tailored-designed catalysts to meet your desired solution.



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