Press release
January 30, 2008

New distribution channel: Homogeneous catalysts from Evonik now available from Sigma-Aldrich for research

Evonik Industries announces that as of February 1, Sigma-Aldrich will offer Evonik´s catASium® and catCXium® product families. Sample amounts of these homogeneous catalysts are being made available, for research purposes, from the Sigma-Aldrich Corporation based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The range will consist of ligands and metal complex catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenations (casASium® family) as well as for palladium catalyzed C-X coupling reactions (cataCXium® family).

“With these ligands we are covering a broad spectrum of organic syntheses to prepare complex molecules starting from simple starting materials,” said Dr. Jürgen Krauter, responsible for marketing in Evonik`s Catalysts Business Line. “Through the broad distribution capabilities of Sigma-Aldrich we are offering chemists in research and development easy access to these homogeneous catalysts.”

“This means a significant step forward for us to become a leading provider in (asymmetric) catalysis, one of today’s most important areas in organic chemistry,” said Dr. Daniel Weibel, product manager for asymmetric synthesis at Sigma-Aldrich. Commercial amounts of the homogeneous catalysts will continue to be distributed by Evonik.

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About Evonik

Evonik is a leading supplier of catalytic system solutions. It offers a broad portfolio of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts from one hand as well as a comprehensive service package for customers from Life Sciences, fine chemistry, industrial chemicals, intermediates and polymers.