Presulfurization Technology


Proven performance you can count on.

Proven cost and time saving alternative to in situ catalyst activation.

actiCAT® presulfurization is a proven, time saving alternative to in situ catalyst activation with a significant cost advantage over fully sulfided products. Using actiCAT® will help ensure an easier startup with optimal catalyst activity. The commercial performance of actiCAT® catalyst is equivalent to or better than that of in situ or fully sulfided catalyst.

Markets it serves: Refining and petrochemical industries.

Applications include: conventional hydrotreating applications, hydrocracking catalysts, Tail Gas and PyGas.

How to store and handle: classified as SELF HEATING, must be stored in sealed drums or bins in a cold/cool, dry environment, preferably in covered warehouse.

*Customized Formulations*

actiCAT® HT

actiCAT® HC

actiCAT® TG

actiCAT® PG