Top Bed Grading that protects


CatGuard® – A top bed grading package to protect your main hydrotreating catalyst bed.

Evonik supplies CatGuard metal traps to offer high capacity for trapping metallic and organometallic elements which are severe poisons for the hydroprocessing catalysts. CatGuard grading are installed on the top of main bed catalysts to provide protection against poisoning while controlling hydrogenation of reactive species (olefins, diolefins) and increasing cycle length of the unit. The quantities and types of CatGuard materials required for optimal reactor performance vary based on feed properties and operating parameters.

Markets: Refining and petrochemical

Applications include: Hydroprocesing

How to store and handle: might be  packed into sealed drums or supersacks in a cold/cool dry environment, preferably in covered warehouse.

Customized Formulations

CatGuard® 20 – Hollow Cylinder, metl trap active grading.

CatGuard® 20 – Metal trap active grading.

Catguard® 20HC – Metal trap active grading.

CatGuard® Si21 – Trilobe, silicon trap.

CatGuard® As40 – Trilobe, arsenic trap.

CatGuard® RFC – Reticulated foam ceramic (RFC) disk particulates removal.

CatGuard® 60MP Metal trap microporous inert grading.

CatGuard® 60HC – Hollow cylinder, metal trap active alumina grading.



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