Solutions for Chloride removal


Patented alumina for organic and inorganic chloride

A chloride guard needs to be instaled to prevent downstream corrosion from organic and inorganic chlorides. Evonik offers solutions to deal with both types, in vapor or liquid phase.

CHLOROCEL™ has solutions to handle multiple operating scenarios. Specialty promoted activated alumina can be designed to handle organic and inorganic chlorides. While molecular sieve products can b a flexible alternative. Due to its numerous characteristics, including high resistance to temperatures and stability, it is used for a wide range of applications.

Markets it serves: Reforming

Applications include: Custom net gas, recycle gas and reformate chloride removal solutions for CCR, semi-regen and cyclic Catalytic Reforming Unis, effective control of “green oil” and inorganic chloride formation, fluid dynamics optimization.

How to store and handle: Shelf life of 5 years as long as it is stored in it’s original containers/packaging in a dry, covered location protected from the ambient environment. Protect it from direct exposure to sunlight and rain, keep elevated from the ground to ensure that there is no exposure to liquid water. Do not expose to excessive temperatures (450° F, 230° F).

Customized Formulations

CHLOROCEL™ 901 – Maximizes chemisorption mechanism, low potential for “green oil” and organic chloride formation.

CHLOROCEL™ RCL – Ensures complete destruction of organic chloride and eventually adsorb resultant HCL.

CHLOROCEL™ 905 – Molecular sieve suitable for both oranic and inorganic chloride removal.


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