Catalyst/Adsorbent bed supports


DUROCEL® – reliable, economical and value-added inert supports.

Evonik provides high quality, low-cost inert ceramic and alumina support media worldwide. The quality of the DUROCEL® inert supports are maintained utilizing high-quality raw materials, world class manufacturing techniques and modern quality control testing. The DUROCEL® inert bed support offer our customers reliable, economical and value-added inert supports.

Designed for nearly every catalyst and adsorbent application, our inert bed supports are top-of-the-line and backed by 10 years of product development, technical service and performance improvement.

Besides compositional and physical property analysis, Evonik conducts thermal shock, rapid depressurization and impact test on all our inert bed support lots to make sure they can withstand the most severe operating conditions like hydrocracking.

Markets it serves: Life Sciences & fine Chemicals, Industrial & petrochemical and Refining & re-refining.

Applications include: Air dryers, Alkylation feed dryers, Carbon dioxide dryers, Hydrocabon dryers, hydrotreater reactors, cracked gas dryers, desulfurizers, hydrogenation reactors, oxidation reactors, Claus reactors, Gas dryers, guard beds, Converters, secondary reformers, shift converters, and many more.

How to store and handle: Shelf life of 5 years as long as it is stored in its original containers/packaging in a dry, covered location protected from the ambient environment. Protect it from direct exposure to sunlight and rain, keep elevated from the ground to ensure that there is no exposure to liquid water. Do not expose to excessive temperatures during storage (450° F, 230° F).

Customized Formulations

DUROCEL® 222 - Ceramic bed support/standard grade inert spherical.

DUROCEL® 235 - Inert bed support/tabular alumina grade spherical.

DUROCEL® 242 - Activated alumina/active catalyst bed support spherical.

DUROCEL® M-1 - Ceramic bed topping and support media.


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