DYNOCEL® - Adsorbents to fit your requirements and your process.

Adsorbents are important in your process, and with DYNOCEL® we can give you the solution for your specific needs in adsorbents.

Our adsorbents are used to remove contaminants to non-detectible levels via physical and chemical adsorption. As a global leader and expert in the manufacturing of catalysts and adsorbents, we are your long-term, solution-oriented, trustworthy partner, for off-the-shelf products or joint development projects. We can provide the adsorbent that you need to remove the contaminants that you have.

Markets it serves: Petrochemicals, chemical, refining and polyolefins.

Applications include: Regenerative and non-regenerative adsorbents to remove process contaminants.  

How to store and handle: Shelf life of 5 years as long as it is stored in it’s original containers/packaging in a dry, covered location protected from the ambient environment. Protect it from direct exposure to sunlight and rain, keep elevated from the ground to ensure that there is no exposure to liquid water. Do not expose to excessive temperatures (450° F, 230° F).

Customized Formulations

DYNOCEL® 650 - Activated alumina/selective adsorbent spherical.

DYNOCEL® 680 - Activated alumina/selective adsorbent spherical.

DYNOCEL® ASR  - Activated alumina/H2S, COS, arsine and phosphine adsorbent spherical.

DYNOCEL® HG - Activated alumina/mercury adsorbent spherical.


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