Catalyst renewal now available for Tail Gas treating

Economic, environmental and tested performance solution.

EcoMax® catalysts renewal brings the established technology of catalyst re-use to tail gas treating. In the patent-pending EcoMax® process, spent hydroprocessing catalyst is treated to remove harmful contaminants and restore catalyst activity.

This yields a tail gas catalyst that performs superior to many competitive tail gas catalysts – at a fraction of the cost and with minimal environmental impact.

Offering this as a component of Evonik’s sulfur recovery solutions enables refiners to convert their hazardous waste (spent catalysts).

Markets it serves: Industrial & Petrochemical, Refining & re-refining and Polyolefins.

Applications include: Offered as a components of Evonik’s sulfur recovery solutions.

How to store and handle: This is a service, store and handling depends on the product being handled, we recommend using same storage and handling as fresh catalyst.