Patented Catalyst rejuvenation technology


Cost effective solution that helps meet circular economy goals

Evonik’s regeneration and rejuvenation technologies enable the performance of your hydrotreating catalysts to be optimized while making cost savings and contributing to the circular economy.

Our patented Excel® Rejuvenation Technology, applied on regenerated hydrotreating catalysts, gives refiners an excellent alternative to fresh catalysts in a wide range of hydrotreating applications from naphtha to heavy gas oil without scarifying their unit performance.

Excel® Rejuvenation technology restores the catalytic activity of regenerated hydrotreating catalysts to fresh level resulting in significant cost savings.

Regeneration and Excel® rejuvenation reduces the need to extract virgin natural resources, minimizes waste and lowers the carbon footprint of catalytic manufacturing processes.

Markets it serves: Refining  Industries.

Applications include: From Naphtha through VGO pre-treat applications

How to store and handle:  The finished Excel® rejuvenated catalyst can be packed into drums or supersacks a cold/cool, dry environment, preferably in covered warehouse.