Alumina, Promoted alumina, Titania, High-activity and low-ΔP tail gas catalysts


Technologies and services for sulfur recovery unit operators

We have been providing catalyst  used in sulfur recovery since 1944, when we supplied the catalyst for the very first SRU in North America.

Over the years, our range of technologies and services for sulfur recovery unit operators has grown to include standard alumina Claus catalyst, low temperature tail gas treating catalysts, and everything in between.

The high-quality catalysts are supplemented with our technical services, which are recognized as industry leading by operators around the world. Our team of technical support personnel located around the world is available to provide techincal advice, troubleshooting support, bed design packages, pressure drop calculations, recommended operating practices, informative application bulletins, peer-reviewed papers, on-site support, spent sample analyses, and more.

Markets it serves: Oil refining, natural gas processing.

Applications include: Sulfur Recovery, Tail Gas treating.

How to store and handle: Store in original containers and packaging. Store in a dry, covered location. Protect from direct exposure to sunlight, rain or other liquid water, and excessive temperatures.


Customized Solutions

MaxcelTM  777 - Titanium dioxide/Claus catalyst extrudate.

MaxcelTM  727 - Activated alumina Claus catalyst spherical.

MaxcelTM  740 - Activated alumina/iron oxide-promoted Claus catalyst spherical.

MaxcelTM  SD-A - Activated alumina/Claus catalyst spherical.

Maxcel™ TGS-01 - Tail gas hydrogenation catalyst/spheres.

Maxcel™ TGS-02 - Tail gas hydrogenation catalyst/low temperature spheres.


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