precious Metal Management & Recycling

Are you interested in a one-stop-shop solution for your catalysts, including the purchase, lease or transfer of precious metals and their recovery after use? Leave the precious metal management to us! We will take care of the complete cycle while you gain the flexibility to focus on your genuine business needs.

How you benefit from the precious metal management cycle

  • Take advantage of our wealth of experience! We are your trusted and globally acting partner for holistic catalyst solutions, including precious metal management.
  • You can benefit from our local concepts and short metal cycle times, optimizing your costs in a volatile market.
  • Starting the loop we set up a precious metal weight account for you, ensuring full transparency for you.
  • Evonik’s catalyst solutions and closed metal loop services help you achieve your sustainability targets while contributing towards a circular economy, as recycled metal has a significantly lower carbon footprint than a metal from primary sources.

How the precious metal loop works

Watch our explanatory video

How to start the loop with Evonik

For the initial start of the metal loop, Evonik offers different scenarios and various options. Evonik supports the customer to find the best and cost-efficient solutions for the precious metal provision, such as:

We offer competitive services with regards to purchasing of precious metals

  • Spot market orders – Instant purchasing and selling at current market price 
  • Fixing orders* - Fix a market price for purchasing in the future
  • Limit orders - Purchasing and selling at customers specific price
  • Split orders – To mitigate the volatile prices the purchase volume can be split 
  • Forwards – Fix a specific market price for future order

                                               *London fixing plus location charges

We have access to competitive financing tools

  • Brigde leases** from recovery - to manage the time until you get the metal back
  • Sell and lease-back – Sell your PM and lease back to optimize NWC
  • Forwards – Fix a specific interest rates for future leasing requirements

                           **securities are necessary, e.g. a bank guarantee

Evonik offers additional services to manage and optize the metal loop

  • Market statistics – current reports and statistics on precious metal market
  • Precious metal transfers – inbound and outbound Evonik 
  • Swaps - swap from one to another metal
  • Precious metal forecasting tool - precious metal forecasting tool based on catalyst and refining orders


Contact us! When it comes to managing precious metal demands, our team will be happy to support you.