Metal management & recycling

Our global organization with experienced and highly motivated employees strives to provide you with the best solutions to your individual metal management and refining needs. This network is cooperating with established precious metals refineries, banks and traders worldwide and allows us to close your precious metal loop locally. By consolidating our customers' metal demands we are able to offer competitive precious metal prices, leasing conditions and metal shipping/transfer services (physical, paper transfers, swaps). For further details, please continue to read below or contact your local Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative.

Precious metals - sales & leasing

Evonik supports your global supply chain by either selling or leasing the required amount of precious metal for your order.

Precious metal refining services

Spent catalysts containing precious metals are sent to our refining partner where the precious metal is extracted from the catalyst.

Catalyst cost calculation tool

Our calculation tool helps to better understand the economic considerations associated with the use of precious metal catalysts.

Base metal refining services

In addition to refining, Evonik takes care of base metal purchasing and financing and associated services such as catalyst regeneration.