Industrial & Petrochemicals

Finding the right Catalyst is important, the ability to scale it up to fit your production is critical.

The range of catalysis solutions for the Industrial & Petrochemicals market segment is as extensive and varied as the market itself. Evonik is in a position to actively support the development of catalysts right from the initial concept.

In addition, thanks to many years of experience in scaling up catalysts, Evonik can efficiently take catalyst recipes developed by customers to full commercial production. With innovative custom-designed catalysts, customers receive specially tailored ‒ and thus the best possible ‒ solutions.

For many existing processes Evonik can offer drop-in solutions based on proprietary catalysts with global references.


Evonik’s Petrochemicals customers can avail of specially developed proprietary catalysis solutions for applications such as selective and complete hydrogenations of acetylenes or dienes in aliphatic, aromatic or aliphatic-aromatic compounds.

Industrial Chemicals

As in petrochemical applications, exclusively developed catalysts are used here to meet the most varied requirements of our customers in industrial chemicals.