packaging of alkoxides


Alkoxide powder and solutions

We deliver our products in the standard packaging listed below. In case of any specific need, we will be glad to discuss a potential packaging solution.

We offer different packaging types

Please find below our different packaging tpyes of alkoxides in drums, tank containers, IBCs or on pallets.

Packaging in drums

packaging of alkoxide powder in lidded drums

Lidded drum for power

Net weight per drum:

  • 100 kg sub-packaged in PE bags 10 kg
  • 25 kg also possible
  • Lots up to 130 kg available, at customer request

Well packaged: alkoxides powder sub-packaged and protected in PE inliners

packaging of alkoxide solutions in screw-cap drums

Screw-cap drum for solution

Net weight:

  • Sodium methylate 30% solution: 200 kg
  • Sodium methylate 25% / 28% solution: 190 kg
  • Potassium methylate 32% solution: 200 kg
  • all others: 180 kg 
  • Material: sheet steel
  • Capacity: approx. 216 liters
  • External diameter: approx. 585,0 mm
  • External height: approx. 882,0 mm
  • Empty weight: approx. 18,0 kg
  • Bunghole with openings of 2" and 3/4"

Packaging on CP 3-Pallets

packaging of alkoxides on CP 3 pallets

Texture and handling

  • Dimensions: (1140 x 1140 x 138) mm
  • Due to technical reasons, only full pallets are dispatched
  • Country-specific requirements for wooden pallets will be met by appropriate pre-treatment of pallets
  • Suparna products are shipped on small (95 x 95CM) pallets

Quantities per pallet for powder

  • Sodium methylate, potassium methylate, sodium ethylate, potassium ethylate 4 drums of 100 kg net each, sub-packaged 10 x 10 kg (standard)
  • KTB (potassium t-butylate), NTB (sodium t-butylate), KTA (potassium t-amylate) and NTA (sodium t-amylate) 4 drums of 50 kg net each, sub-packaged 4 x 50 kg

Quantities per pallet for solution

  • Sodium methylate solution 30% 800 kg
  • Sodium methylate solution 25% 760 kg
  • Sodium methylate solution 28% 760 kg
  • Potassium methylate solution 32% 800 kg
  • Sodium ethylate solution 21% 720 kg
  • 20"-container 80 drums
  • 40"-container 160 drums

Packaging in tank containers

packaging of alkoxides in tank containers with a stationary pump on the container
  • Fill capacity: approx. 21,000 kg
  • Loading via manhole under a nitrogen blanketing
  • Unloading via bottom valve 20 to 25 t by means of pumping under inert gas atmosphere, preferably with of gas displacement
  • Vehicles can be equipped with the pump on request.
  • However, a stationary pump on the tank is recommended.
packaging of alkoxides in tank containers

Packaging in IBCs

packaging of alkoxides in IBCs
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 1160 mm
  • ISO Bulk Containers (IBC) made from polyethylene with screw cap of Ø 150 mm and RI or RI 40 drain cock at the base, in protective cage of welded steel lattice matting.
  • Transportation permits in compliance with RID-ADR and IMDG Code international regulations.

IBC containers only available for solutions!