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Catalysts by Evonik

Evonik has several catalyst brands for a diverse range of catalytic processes, in many industries under one roof. This unique variety of catalysts gives us the flexibility to find the most cost-efficient solution for your needs.

Activated alumina is obtained from a variety of feedstocks and undergoes a series of chemical reactions which depend on its intended use. Due to its numerous characteristics, including high resistance to temperatures and stability, it is used for a wide range of applications. Activated alumina is highly effective as an adsorbent or desiccant and is often used as a catalyst in various industries.

Essentially any manufacturing facility requires dry air for operating pneumatic devices (valves, switches, etc…), providing good quality air purge for instrument enclosures, or as a general utility. Desiccant air dryers are a leading option. Many other process gases are also commonly dehydrated with activated alumina desiccant. These include nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, and carbon dioxide.

Activated bauxite is a proven adsorbent when the purification or regeneration of hydrocarbons is required.

Aerolyst® is Evonik's trademark for formed pyrogenic oxides for use as catalyst supports or catalysts.

We offer products in the form of spheres, extrudates, pellets and powders. We customize these products to meet customer’s specified targets—focusing on properties such as surface area, internal pore structure and distribution, loss on ignition (LOI), free moisture, particle size and strength.

Catylen® is Evonik's brand name for olefin polymerization components and catalysts. The product line consists of Catylen® S (supports) and Catylen® D (donors).

Designed for nearly every catalyst and adsorbent application, our inert bed supports are top-of-the-line and backed by 10 years of product development, technical service and performance improvement.

KALCAT™ is the brand for Evonik's nickel-based, activated metal catalysts. They are doped with cobalt or copper and non-aqueous and non-pyrophoric.

Metalyst® MC or activated base metal catalysts are heterogeneous powder catalysts with no support (bulk catalysts) for slurry type reactions carried out in batch or semi-batch mode.

MONCAT™ are supported nickel catalysts in the form of droplets coated with a protective medium and therefore ready to use in oils and fats hydrogenations, e.g. for lubricants, soaps, wax, bio-diesel.

NMC™ series are high purity precious metal salts & complexes. These versatile salts are also used as precursors to manufacture various complexescan be applied for both homogenous and heterogeneous catalysts.

Noblyst® catalysts contain precious metals on various support materials for fixed bed processes. Evonik has extensive expertise in the manufacture of precious metal catalysts and provides a full service package including precious metals management and precious metal recovery from spent catalysts.

Noblyst® P products are precious metal powder catalysts on various support materials mostly used in batch and slurry processes.

Octolyst® base metal catalysts have active components from Group VIII metals and optionally copper, chromium and other elements. Evonik offers base metal catalysts with both high and low loading.

Normal phase alumina and silica have uses in many industries, especially those performing large scale purifications, where they can be used for the chromatographic separation of small molecules, peptides, botanical extracts and a wide variety of other materials. Alumina can be used to remove impurities from aqueous and organic environments because of its chemical stability. Silica Gel, consists of an amorphously structured silicon and oxygen, and its high surface area allows for increased capacity during separations.

The brand name Specialyst® stands for custom specific catalysts, where we leverage our core competencies in the context of a project. Evonik specializes in developing, scaling-up, and producing sophisticated catalysts on a commercial scale.